Even though horse racing and music might seem like two distant worlds apart, they actually share many connections. First of all, both are created to entertain people and to give them certain emotions while watching the performance of the athletes or singers.

Additionally, horse racing, as you probably already know, isn’t only about racing. Yes, it is a crucial part of the sport, but this lasts only a couple of minutes. So, can you imagine, traveling from Europe to the United States, going through all the struggle and jet lag, just to see horses race for two minutes?

I’m sorry but that isn’t worth it, no matter how exciting is the Kentucky Derby.

That’s why the horse racing industry found a way to make the sport more exciting and create an entire festive atmosphere before and after big horse racing events. This leads us to live music concerts.

Many horse racing events have already tried combining music and horse racing, and it seems like this is working. The idea is, that you go to an event a few days earlier, experience the carnival and all the attractions, watch the race, and have some fun at the end by attending a live concert from your favorite artist.

That sounds much better than going to an event just to watch a 2-minute race.

But let’s explore the deeper connection between these two industries and find out more about how live music concerts are incorporated into the world of horse racing.

Horse Racing and Live Music Performances 

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Concerts and horse racing? That combination is strange. However, let me tell you, in the entertainment world, it’s like peanut butter and jelly. 

Racetracks are becoming concert spaces in the US and the UK, providing an electrifying combination of live music and exciting racing. These days, the main goal of racing isn’t simply to wager on the horse with the fastest time; it’s also to end a racing day with headlining acts that electrify the audience.

Who’s Playing Where?

The range of music artists and genres is astounding. Racetracks provide a wide selection of music, from Madness’s classic hits to JLS’s current hits. 

We have hip-hop parties at the end of the race, and country music live performances.

On top of that, it’s not only about the well-known stars; up-and-coming artists from the area also get their chance to shine, giving them access to a large audience and a platform they may not have otherwise. 

All of this makes the sport 10 times more exciting.

A combination of classic and modern musical acts enhances the already electrifying atmosphere of the Kentucky Derby. You can find more information on how to wage on the derby here: 

Grammy-winning country music artist Carly Pearce will sing the National Anthem at the 149th Kentucky Derby, carrying on a distinguished tradition that has featured a range of gifted performers over the years, such as Rachel Platten, who will perform for the Kentucky Oaks and sing her hit song “Fight Song” during the Survivors Parade. 

Star-studded prior performers include Brittney Spencer, Tori Kelly, Jennifer Nettles, Pentatonix, Josh Groban, Lady A, Martina McBride, Mary J. Blige, and many more, each contributing their distinct flavor to this legendary occasion. 

So, the Kentucky Derby week is full of live music concerts, which is a good thing! But don’t let the music defocus you. You should always do some research and make informed decisions before placing a bet.

Throughout Derby Week, there are a ton of events and performances that provide a broad range of musical entertainment. Hip hop icons T.I., Jeezy, Trina, and DJ Drama performed at one memorable event called Derby Soundstage, which transformed Louisville’s historic Freedom Hall into a lively performance space. 

As part of the Derby Week Concert Series, Fourth Street Live in downtown Louisville was converted into a musical center, with performances by DJ Ryan Coxx, Diplo, and Granger Smith starring Earl Dibbles Jr. This further demonstrated the Kentucky Derby’s appeal outside of the racecourse. 

The Connection

It seems like horse racing and music have a lot more in common than you might think. This shouldn’t surprise us as music finds itself well-embedded into sports. We have soccer that makes a special theme song for every World Cup and the chore of the Champions League start will give you the chills. 

Also, we have half-time shows like the Super Bowl, where bringing performers like Usher, Rihanna, Eminem, Dr.Dre, and others will cost more than organizing the entire event.

So, why wouldn’t horse racing have a live music concert before and after the main event? Sounds, good to me!

Final Words

The world of sport is changing and organizations are introducing new elements just to make sure the sport stays entertaining and grows in popularity. And music has the power to do that.

So, the next time you are going to a horse racing event, remember not only to check the horses that will be racing but also if there will be a live concert at the end of the event.

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