Austrailian post-punkers Rizzla’s Quality Meats have released their new single “Sod Off Jenny” a track that details a man pushed to his limit.

It’s an edgy and biting slice of post-punk that has an observant wandering eye that takes a creative and hilarious path forward, with tempo changes that are tongue-in-cheek and witty. It finds a way to rock out but also is an anthem that many can use to channel their own pent-up frustration.

Or as the band puts it:

A punk thrasher that shows ya a man at hits wits end. A dejected fella who is about two weeks away from jumping of his office building. Crumpling under the weight of his monotonous 9 to 5 gig. Just one push away from telling every single colleague to go fuck themselves and take a shit on the photocopier… if only Jenny would kindly sod off.

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