The Ballroom Thieves will return with their new album, Sundust, on April 12th via Nettwerk. The album is described as a “self-portrait of our intertwined lives”, and features tracks like the lead single, “Right on Time.”

It’s a song with a alt-country take on traditional folk with twistws of their own and a sense of melancholic storytelling. Which fits, considering they wrote the song while reminiscing about a childhood memory.

As the band’s Martin Earley describes:

“My dad built a little woodshed in the front yard. My best friend and I decided it would be necessary to christen it by sleeping in a poorly constructed tarp tent on its roof. It was freezing at night and hot in the morning, and the combination of an angled roof and rough shingles made for a deeply uncomfortable bed. We slept out there for a whole week and I still remember our parents shaking their heads in confusion like it was yesterday. But it wasn’t yesterday. It was years and years ago and somehow life just keeps rolling by, and that’s what ‘Right on Time’ is about.”

Enjoy a listen to “Right on Time” below.

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