Dover Lynn Fox is a singer-songwriter from Burlington, Ontario, who has recently returned with her new single, “Winter Son.”

The track splits the difference between warm indie folk and American-driven pop with a hearty and soulful approach. The track features a strong emotional take on the plights of trauma and acting as a “warm balm during the coldest of times.”

Speaking on the “Winter Son”, Dover adds:

When I sat down to write “Winter Son” my mind was a flurry and there was a heaviness in my chest. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and there were a lot of unknowns. My initial intention (though songwriting doesn’t always feel intentional to me) was to write a song about the sadness and fear that I felt. And then I began writing and a different story took form, one without fear or darkness, but instead light, connection and faith. It’s a tapestry of all of the places that are meaningful to me, and of all the people who I have loved the most, and the ones I wish I would have loved more.

Enjoy a listen to “Winter Son” now below.

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