Copenhagen, Denmark-based singer-songwriter Lucky Lo recently released their new album The Big Feel via Tambourhinoceros.

One of the standouts of the record is “Through The Eyes Of A Woman”, a song about woman’s right to abortion. The track carries itself with a wistful and melancholic power that is a stirring folk effort with a huge scope and widescreen cinematic nature.

Speaking on the tack, Luck Lo says:

“The abortion issue is a human rights issue, and it’s quite simple: Our body, our choice, our freedom — “we are free to choose to give life or let go”. And until science outruns us, every human being on this planet will be born and nourished by the organ that is inside every biologically born woman — as well as non-binary people.”

Enjoy the song below and find the album available to stream in full and buy at Bandcamp.

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