Indonesian trio Grrrl Gang will release their new album Spunky! out September 22 via Kill Rock Stars.

The album features tracks like the single “Blue-Stained Lips”, which channels some classic punk rockers with elements of surfy rock and even old-school girl groups. Their charming sound calls to mind contemporaries such as La Luz and Vivian Girls.

The song details the bands’ Angeeta Sentana’s experience with her boyfriend truly accepting her for who she is. As she details below:

We were at a party one night, and I drank this blue cocktail, and it left a stain on my lips, making them blue. I thought I looked super ugly, but my boyfriend still thought I was perfect and kissed me, regardless. The line ‘Kiss me on my blue-stained lips’ is a metaphor for him liking me and accepting me for who I am” Sentana explained. 

Enjoy the video for “Blue-Stained Lips” now below.

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