Cameron Sonnier is a singer-songwriting that has been quietly prolific over the past year, with a handful of great singles that have kept us coming back from more. Many of these ended up on his debut album, Tunnels, which he released last week.

We have shared many of the tracks from the album and today highlight the final two moments of the album. First is the dream-like floaty nature of “Caving In” a track that is described as “exploring addictive patterns in search of an artificial sense of temporary psychedelic enlightenment.” There is a brilliant blend of freak-folk and experimental music that takes you on a spiritual journey of sorts. Lots of Deerhunter and Animal Collective running through it, even traces of late-era Fleet Foxes.

“Rewind” is a perfect finale that acts as a wonderful bookend to an album with a swelling of the themes and sonic templates of everything that came before it. It’s a song about “longing to go back in time to escape from feelings of isolation and a disconnection from reality.” The song is an expansion of the way that he blends folk and psych rock into something uniquely his own, a perfect endgame for the ever-expansive record.

You can find the entire record streaming in full below.

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