Grimson is a 26-year-old Swedish/American songwriter and animator who grew up in New York City and now based in Berlin where he works at a hotel. “Round Trip Ticket” is a single released ahead of his debut album, Climbing Up The Chimney.

The track captures a whimsical blend of classic folk rock with some of the charm of early 2000s indie rock acts such as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Ben Kweller. There is a raw and sincere approach to it all that taps into something pure and full of humanity. Adorned wonderfully with sweeping cineamtic strings and production flourishes that have elements of Kishi Bashi and Andrew Bird.

Speaking on the song’s genesis below, Grimson adds:

My newest single “Round Trip Ticket” chronicles the separation of my family across continents when I was just a child. I originally wrote the lyrics as a poem for an elementary school class when I was just 7, and as I gradually became fluent in guitar, translated the text into a Dylan-esc folk song equipped with harmonica solos and all. Now based in Berlin, where I once again reunited with my father, Round Trip Ticket has taken a new shape. Gone are the harmonica solos, replaced with lavish string arrangements and indie rock drum patterns. This Berlin recording creates a powerful family story that is both mature and childlike at the same time. 

Find “Round Trip Ticket” available to listen to below and the entire LP available to buy at Bandcamp.

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