Los Angeles & London-based atmospheric folk-pop artist, Allie Crow Buckley returned in May with her sophomore album, Utopian Fantasy, via Nettwerk.

A great example of one of the treats of the album is single, “I’m Not Really Here.” While it delivers a stark haunting atmosphere full of ethereal tones and a wonderous vocal performance, that is also a pop polish under the surface of it all that hooks you in an infectious manner.

Speaking on the track, she adds:

It is the sort of feeling of leaving your body – as one does during times of immense stress or when chaos ensues. Escapism of sorts. These themes occur throughout the record – from references to Dionysus (god of wine and chaos) to the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Resigning yourself to whatever is – a sort of submission to chaos. Like in the myth of Apollo and Dionysus. Being naked at the feast, the idea of that vulnerability of just awaiting your fate. How we all long to be carried by Zephyr, the wind, from our fate into a bed of flowers. Just as in the myth of Cupid and Psyche. But what comes next? Coming to terms with your new reality. Like being lost in the realm of the faery, and reemerging years later. Feeling as if it were all one day or one dream.” 

Enjoy a listen to “I’m Not Really Here” now below.

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