In many restaurants, cafes and snack bars around the world, about one million tons of edible food ends up in the trash every year. With the app “Too Good To Go” you can do something against this waste – by buying the leftovers cheaply. With those good meals you can return back home to enjoy canadian online casino.

The app Too Good To Go (loosely translated: too good to throw away) is designed to help reduce food waste in the restaurant industry. The principle is simple: establishments enter the surplus food into the app shortly before closing time, the customer can reserve it, pay via Paypal or credit card and then pick it up at the restaurant.

Too good to go: Take-away from just 3 euros! Using the app is easy: You download it from the Google Playstore or Apple Play Store to your cell phone, enter your location and the desired search radius, and participating restaurants, caf├ęs, bakeries, supermarkets, and snack bars are suggested to you.


Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, you can choose how many portions you want to pick up and in what time slot. Most places offer their leftover food for evening pickup, but even at lunchtime there is leftover food that you can pick up at a discount.

There are usually takeaway boxes or paper bags available on site – unfortunately, since portion sizes are fixed, bringing your own boxes is often not possible. However, we have noticed in the Utopia editorial team that some gastronomes are happy for you to bring your own containers and are happy to pack your food in them.

Contents of Too Good To Go bags usually cannot be individually determined

Important: You cannot individually determine which rolls or baked goods you get packed into your surprise bag, for example. You always get the food packed into the Too Good To Go surprise bag that was left over that day.

However, from our experience, you can definitely tell that you only want to eat vegetarian food, for example. Labels like “vegan,” “vegetarian,” or “baked goods” also help you gauge what to expect in the Magic Bag offered.

According to our random samples, leftover portions are currently available from a price of three euros, and use of the app is free for businesses and customers. Offers can be viewed daily and filtered by location, price and pick-up time.

One of the best things is that you can easily use this application in several different countries. For example you move from Germany to Italy and you will be surprised how many restaurants and cafes do participate in this concept. This makes it not only more attractive but also shows that food waste is an international problem. Many countries have different approaches in tackling this issue. One of those is to make the issue more present and more and more people can do something about it. Even on their daily basis. Especially among students or low-income groups this idea is quite popular. 

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