Dan Croll will release his new album Fools this Friday via Communion Records, which we have shared a handful of pre-release singles from.

Ahead of the record’s release is “Second Guess”, a track that has a competitive folk soundscape, with a melancholic sensibility in its production but also songwriting approach. It does contain elements of a more upbeat pop terrain, as well as soem alt-country flourishes, making it a compelling single ahead of the albums release.

Speaking about ‘Second Guess’, he offers:

“Last Christmas I made my first trip back home in three years to reunite with friends and family, and it struck me how easy and effortless it was to just slide back into life in the UK. In Los Angeles (and maybe with age), plans feel like they have to be made weeks or even months in advance, but back home I didn’t have to think about that, it was as simple as knocking on a friend’s door and seeing where the nights goes. One night in particular I met someone and ended up on an all-night bender, crawling back home in the early hours of the morning, and as rough as I felt the next day, it was actually a great experience switching off, not second guessing anything,and just having an adventure.”

Enjoy a listen to “Second Guess” now below.

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