Los Angeles & London-based indie artist Allie Crow Buckley will return with her new album Utopian Fantasy on May 19th via Nettwerk.

Ahead of its release comes the hypnotic “Cowboy In London”, a track that blurs the line between folk and electronic rock. Its haunted vocal refrain has elements of folk and pop with throbbing synths and instrumentation that come together to create a blending of genres that crafts a song that is utterly enchanting.

Speaking on the track, Buckley explains:

“The song is a reflection on my years as a teen and being on my own in London for the first time. It was wonderful and terrifying, and I was totally enthralled. I had terrible jet lag, so I would wake up and sort of stalk the streets at five in the morning. So, I tried to set the sonic scene with this in mind.” Adding, “The video was shot traipsing around London – I wanted to capture some of the naivety, and sort of carefree sass that I feel the song evokes.”

Enjoy the video for “Cowboy In London” now below.

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