The Parlor is the “neo-psychedelic dream-pop” project of husband and wife team Eric Krans and Jen O’Connor, who recently shared their great single, “Ecstasy You,” taken from their upcoming album You Are Love And I Am You, due out on May 19th.

The track harnesses a captivating ethereal atmospheric tone that blends the worlds of folk songwriting with a cinematic psychedelic lush dream-laden soundscape. Epic in production, scope, and spirit, expanding further into bliss every step of the way.

Or as they put it:

Imagine melting candles. Ecstasy You is a sexy, drippy, psychedelic dreampop song, influenced by Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You, except out of the dreamy love-fog comes The Brian Jonestown Massacre bass line leading into a chorus with some gritty Broadcast synths, followed by a Jefferson Airplane slide guitar solo, and a Warpaint chill jam to end it. It’s full of natural imagery.

The song was inspired by Marguerite Porete and medieval mysticism. It’s a song about divine union, or unitive conscious, and the ecstasy of realizing we are the universe experiencing itself. We are nature making love to nature everytime we make love. This is the 2nd single from the forthcoming album You Are Love and I Am You. Recommended if you like indie-pop, garage-psych, dreampop, bedroompop-lofi, shoegaze, and freak folk.

Enjoy a listen to “Ecstasy You” now below.

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