Singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur has been a prolific musician in the international scene (India/Switzerland), recently leaving a new mark with his new album Talking Loud. We shared the title track last year and today we are back to talk about another standout single, “Common Mistake.”

The track once again demonstrates Mathur’s ability to sink his teeth into a familiar rock and roll sound, while giving it a spin entirely of his own. There are classic rock influences blended with a more coasting chill 90s rock sound reminding of bands like CAKE, with fun and driving anthemic spirit and swagger that feels

Or as Ajay puts it:

As a cultural collective we tend to make the common mistake of looking in the wrong direction or assuming that certain things in life are set in stone by the virtue of convention or tradition, when we are searching for meaning. Much of what we focus on is driven by the ideas and distractions that are fed to us by way of upbringing, media, peers, institutions, etc. We feel like we need to conform – buy the right things, have the right job, wear the right clothes, focus on material, fit in even if it doesn’t seem quite right – instead of really taking a good, hard look and discovering what makes us individual, unique and our lives worthwhile. Even if that means being able to stand ourselves outside of how we are expected to behave and think.”

Enjoy a listen to “Common Mistake” now below and find the album available to stream + buy at Bandcamp.

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