Newcastle upon Tyne indie rock quartet Cat Ryan, an artist who we first discovered in 2021, taps into something effective and warm on their lovely single, “Lost My Connection.”

The single brings slick tropical-sounding guitar work that feels like a mix of the early days of Foals, with an emotive and passionate vocal performance that details the undoing of a long distance relationship. Guitar grooves with an emotive center that detail and carry “hope for a happier future.”

You can find an in-depth explanation from the band about the track below, along with it streaming right below that.

“‘Lost my Connection’ details the breakdown of a relationship that is unable to overcome the challenges of long distance. The lyrics are taken from the point of view of an individual struggling to find an explanation for their failing relationship and relates to feeling hopeless as they continuously draw closer to giving up completely. The song expresses a universal experience of communication which remains particularly prevalent in a time where many relationships in the modern world are mediated online. Whilst this appears to close the gap of geographical distance, it equally gives way to new challenges and miscommunications. The sad undertones of this breakup story are masked by the uplifting melodies in the music, perhaps reflecting the desires of the individual to make light of the situation or carry hope for a happier future.

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