This weekend at Los Angeles historic park Primavera Sound Festival comes roaring in with a curious combination of EDM, dance, and rock. We all know the headliners Lorde, NIN, and Arctic Monkeys. If there is one thing you can say about the undercard is that all the bands defy a genre and you might say actively try to bend their music to include many different kinds.

When you go this weekend, don’t just go for the headliners but head to the fest a little earlier and catch some of the undercards.

Let’s lay some out for you:

Friday Sept 16th

Pink Panthers, 5:00 pm Tecate Alta Stage.

Leave work early for her. Hip Hop artist discovered off of Tik Tok, but don’t let that discourage you from catching her live and her super short energetic songs. 

Saturday Sept 17th

Machine Girl 2:20PM  Primavera Stage.

Electronic Punk Band led by Matt Stephenson and Sean Kelly. They work together genres seamlessly grinding industrial, hardcore, and punk together. This is a band you want to see weave their magic together

Photo by Qbertplaya

Tierra Whack 5pm Primavera Stage

Lyrical hip-hop artist, that raps and sings super brief songs, no more than a minute long. The song finishes making you just want more. It will be fascinating to see how she brings that to a live show   

Sunday Sept 18th

Gustaf, 1:45 Tecate Alta Stage

Art Post-punk, Talking Heads influenced, dominated by their lead singer Lydia Gammill. This is a very tight band from Brooklyn NY and has been playing together for years, they have won over fans during opening slots for IDLES.

Jasss, 2:30 Smirnoff Ice Stage

Industrial techno from producer and sound designer Silva Alverez. 

Photo by Dutch Doscher

Dry Cleaning. 4:30 Barcelona Stage

English post-punk sounds. This band is incredible live, they tear into the music with force and Fiona Shaw, the lead singer, softens the sounds with her spoken word poetic rhythms.*

Photo by Dutch Doscher

Amyl and the sniffers. 4:30 Barcelona Stage

Australian punk band put on a great show led by lead singer Amy Taylor who fully commits to her performance and you can be sure the audience will be fierce and active. If you are into crowd surfing this is the band to see.

Photo by Will Oliver

Squid – 3:30 Tecate Alta Stage

Another post-punk band from England with highly buzzed about live performances. They weave a series of jazz, funk, and punk into their music. Their debut album Bright Green Field was widely lauded by critics around the world

Special request. 5:30 Smirnoff Ice Stage

80’s inspired techno that weaves in drum’n’bass led by Paul Woolford. The music can feel very cinematic and moody, a must see for the day.

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