common goldfish is the project of Tottenham-based artist Jonty Lovell, who caught our attention back in April with his single “Feel The Fuzz.”

He’s since returned with the equally anthemic “Shout Louder’ which feels stripped from the 90s Brit-rock scene. The track carries itself with a 60’s-esque psych-rock sound with some drugged-out groovy elements, blended with the swagger of the 90s scene.

Or as he describes:

“I created the beat using a mix of 90’s break samples. Quite quickly I had the bass line and piano. I’d been watching the “Get Back” documentary, which definitely inspired the vocals and psychedelic guitar sounds. The track was making me think of being outside with friends in the sun, and the lyrics try to capture this.”

Enjoy a listen of “Shout Louder” now below.

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