Photo by Seren Carys

Saloon Dion is the combination of powers of members of Bristol-based bands such as Football FC, Kimbo Nice, and Ratbags who have released their new single “Pressure” via Nice Swan Records.

The track takes on the realm of the darkly atmospheric post-punk sound that is rising quickly throughout the UK with some blistering guitar work, commanding vocals, and a presence that is sure to cause sweaty destruction live.

The band described the song’s meaning as follows:

“Pressure” is a direct response to Britain’s current economic climate. Lyrics which were at first deeply personal began to take on a wider meaning as the British public became subject to numerous political scandals, and an ever-worsening financial crisis. The idea of being forced to leave somewhere you love and depend on the help of others in the face of immeasurable odds also developed its own terrible resonance at the time of recording”

Enjoy a listen to “Pressure” now below.

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