Vancouver indie-rockers Frog Eyes returned last week with their new album The Bees via Paper Bag Records.

We previously shared lead single “I Was An Oligarch” and with its release share the album’s opening track “Rainbow Stew.”

The track is a perfect table setter for what is to come on the record, a track that combines multiple ideas and song structures into an amazing cohesive whole, a blend of artful indie rock and folk, with a interesting storytelling device that grabs your attention at once.

Speaking on the single, the band’s Carey Mercer adds:

“‘Rainbow Stew’ doesn’t unpack as cleanly, in terms of a personal narrative, as the two othersongs we’ve released for The Bees, but it is representative of one of the five kinds of songs that I can write — usually this type comes at the end of the writing process, when I have a sense of the shape and weight of the record. These songs come really fast — I think I wrote this song in 5 minutes — and they serve a contrasting purpose. I remember in (the 3 months that I attended) painting school, learning about Cezanne’sWhite Pipe, how it livens the paintings, and also intensifies the gloom in the corners. ‘Rainbow Stew’ lightens the whole affair, and allows the dense haze of other songs their own beauty. These songs are the ones I personally cherish the most.”

Enjoy a listen to “Rainbow Stew” below and find the entire album available to hear and purchase at Bandcamp.

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