Los Angeles rock outfit Lo Moon recently hit back with their sophomore album, A Modern Life, via Strngr Recordings/Thirty Tigers. We previously shared single “Stop” and today we share one of the album’s highlights with “Expectations.”

The track coasts with a big anthemic charm, a blend of indie rock and pop with its arms outstretched, with a cinematic sense of wonderment heightened with its vibrant production.

Speaking about “Expectations” the band added:

This was the first song we worked on for this record. We knew going into this record we wanted to make a band record, as we had learned so much about playing together while touring the first record. I found myself exploring the feeling of being a teen, unafraid to chase my dreams, unaware and naive about the complexities of life, and what it feels like to struggle to live up to the expectations I have set for myself.

Find “Expectations” streaming now below.

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