London-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Charles Watson (who is a member of indie duo Slow Club) will release his sophomore album, YES, on April 29th, via Moshi Moshi Records.

He has since released the energetic single “Beauty Contest” which comes hurling at you a mile a minute, with a groovy and fast-paced funky indie-rock spirit, full of soulful delivery and a ton of classic rock smarts, and plenty of groovy hooks to go around.

Speaking about the track, Charles explains:

During the spring of 2020 I was tirelessly walking the streets of north-east London trying to get my one-year-old daughter to sleep. Given what was happening I decided music wasn’t the thing to ease my anxiety about the future. A friend had recommended I listen to ‘Money’ by Martin Amis. I managed to listen to the first third in a oner. Jesus. It was so full on I never went back. ‘Beauty Contest’ is a kind of an approximation of the central character (of the first third). Bit gross…very gross actually. Pumped up, paranoid and ready to fly Concorde. Different time. Have you read it? How’s it end?

Enjoy a listen to “Beauty Contest” now below.

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