Irish Basement is the solo project of Washington, DC-based songwriter and producer Mike Toohey who makes music described as “Blending post-punk guitars with analog outboard synthesizers and an earnest vocal.”

This description feels apt on his lovely track “Surfin’ Serotonin” the title track and third single from his upcoming debut EP which is due out soon this year.

The track perfectly blends 80’s inspired new wave and synth-driven songs with a nostalgic and love-longing spirit running freely. A hefty and infectious chorus that is perfectly surrounded by shimmering synths all adds up an inspiring and emotionally connective experience that instantly hooked us in.

About the song, Toohey describes the song with the following:

Largely inspired by late nights absorbed in self-medication and 80s gothic pop records, Surfin’ Serotonin is an anthem of using escapism to navigate life in the 2020s.

Enjoy a listen to “Surfin’ Serotonin” now below.

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