Pennsylvania-based band Canary has made quite an introduction with their debut single “Love Me While You Can.”

The sound feels transported from a different era completely when good songs and what was considered “pop” were actually interchangeable. There’s a bit of an old-school songwriting charm that they blend with modern sensibilities in a way that reminds of what debut efforts from Tennis and Cults did.

About the song the band’s singer Kat Leverenz adds:

I decided to write Love Me While You Can after a trip I took to L.A. in March of 2020, right before the lockdown. I wanted to write about my experience in the city in the form of a love story with two sides – one side romanticizing the beauty and dream-like nature of the city’s beaches and sunsets while a darker side feels stuck and frozen in time, like an ‘old jukebox playing on’ and on.

Enjoy a listen to ““Love Me While You Can” now below.

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