Victoria, British Columbia-based musician Art d’Ecco returned last year with new album In Standard Definition via Paper Bag Records, which included the very Bowie-esque anthem “Good Looks.”

The glam rocker shines bright with a swagger of its own, with some sultry anthemic bite and seductive vocal work. It gets a fitting music video that was directed by Matthew Angus.

Art explains the inspiration behind the video below:

“I was thinking of how the analogue way of dating — ‘I’ll introduce you to my friend, I think you’ll like each other!’—or how certain ways of engaging in entertainment need not apply in the future. We’ve got technology that we can offload all of those things to — like, I can see whatever I want, whenever I want, and if I want to go on a date with someone who’s got black hair and brown eyes and is 5’10, I can find that in this little app. And I just feel that you’re leaving so much of the human experience on the table when you do that. I find the whole modern way of dating and meeting people to be a bit vapid and superficial, so I wanted to take a shot at that.”

Enjoy the video for “Good Looks” now below.

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