Surf Party, USA is comprised of childhood best friends Ben Weinman and Nate Hollander, both born and raised Californians who have written hundreds of songs about surfing, waves, summertime, friendship, surfing, and death (by surfing) over the years.

They recently released their sixth album together, Rocks!!!, a song that brings on a bit of an appropriately surfy rock sound with some jangly guitars that effortlessly change intentions and tempos, while packing some effortless power-pop choruses that are infectious and full of a joyous and welcoming good-natured spirit.

About the track, the band adds:

“Sand 2” is based around a simple time signature change. The verses are in three, the choruses open up into four. The song itself is from the perspective of a surfer unsure if the life they have chosen still has the meaning they once believed it had – is there still beauty in dedicating your life to such a simple endeavor as surfing?

Enjoy a listen to “Sand 2” now below and find the full album available to stream and purchase over at Bandcamp.

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