Melbourne-based band Blackbirds FC recently returned with their shimmering new single “Transport Planes”, a song that brings us a great deal of warmth and joy, during a turbolent time where there isn’t much of it.

On the riveting rocker comes the anthemic indie rock that calls to mind classic acts such as The Chills, R.E.M. and more modern bands of a similar ilk such as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. The song rips with a steady-handed rock groove with a dreamy presence lingering delightfully in the air, like a smooth cool breeze gracefully gliding past ones face on a warm summer day.

About the song the band’s Jeremy Gronow details:

The song has its roots in a childhood memory of hearing an aeroplane fly over the house most nights about midnight. It was propellor driven and seemed very low and loud as it flew over me but I found it comforting. I asked Dad and he said it was a transport plane flying to Tasmania which gave me the first line.

Enjoy a listen to the wonderful “Transport Planes” now below.

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