elison began when Iowan Marissa Kephart decided to finally make music for the first time, making the most of her time during the lockdown. She picked up the guitar and started taking voice lessons, taking a demo to her music teacher – as well as multi-instrumentalist and producer Scott Yoshimura.

The song ended up being “Meet Me Halfway” the debut single of their partnership as elison, a meeting of their creative energies and influences. The track captures a natural ebb and flow of big meditative folk-inspired ideas with a more anthemic bit of emotional power pop with a gritty guitar edge. Think The Rosebuds and Mates Of State with a bit of Memoryhouse. There is a shimmering hint of shoegaze and 90s rock that feels like the sound of a band that has been at it for many years already.

Or as they describe “Meet Me Halfway”:

 POV: You’re driving down a desolate highway at night, blasting your favorite song after leaving an unhealthy relationship. The driving motion of the song propels you to a more hopeful and powerful place.

Enjoy a listen to the single below and be sure to keep an eye on elison.

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