Brighton based band Public Body will release their new EP Flavour Of Labour on December 3rd and have shared the lead single “Formica.”

The song taps into a blend of furious post punk and a curious art rock sound that connects to the current crop of rising post punk acts like Courting, Shame, Squid and others, while also emulating bands like The Talking Heads and other greats of the genre. You can only imagine how much wild this one would be to experience live.

mmenting on the new single, singer Seb Gilmore said:

This song is about a Twitter Dad, a man who tweets financial and life advice: ‘If you’re not thinking about INVESTING, CRYPTO, MAKING MONEY you’re doing it wrong.’ But how do you invest if you have no money? This song is about a poor ignorant Dad who gets tricked by a Troll on Twitter, he believes everything the Twitter Dad had to say, this included taking out loans with high APR and interest rates and in turn gets his home and car repossessed by the bank.

Enjoy a listen to “Formica” now below.

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