Though he’s yet to release his debut full-length album yet (though it’s on its way soon) anytime we see new music from Swedish-Icelandic singer/songwriter Freyr, we know it will be top quality.

This is the case with his latest single “You Want Love” a track taken from his upcoming debut album and yet another reason to believe that he is one of the best young voices on the folk music scene.

“You Want Love” is a folk song that taps into a majestic feeling, full of beautiful vocal moments and atmospheric tenderness that you just can’t fake.

Or as he describes it:

“You Want Love” is a song with a sense-moral. Stories, melodies and art repeat themselves in history. The good ones have one thing in common – they are always told with love.

We can’t wait to finally get to hear what he has instore for us on his debut album, something that we can really use right now to put our mind at ease after a tumultuous 2020.

Enjoy a stream of “You Want Love” below.

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