Teen Idle is the music project of 22-year-old songwriter Sara Barry, who is based out in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

She’s recently released her single “Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun)” a track that feels like a nice farewell to the easy-going days of this year that we never had, packed with a lingering sense of nostalgia seeped in her dreamy arrangements and emotive vocals.

Or as Barry describes:

“Seasons” is one of the songs in my discography that came about the most spontaneously. I just remember feeling some type of way about the seasons last year, and opening my notebook to write vague poetic words about each season of the year. Those vague poeticisms later became the lyrics. It’s a song I’m proud of because it was completed basically in one day, and I played all the instruments on it and mixed and produced it myself.

Find “Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun)” available to stream below.

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