Atlanta’s Faye Webster has been a quiet force of consistent great jams and keeps her winning streak going strong on her newly released single “Better Distractions.”

On it, she continues her foray into soulful rock and folk, not quite one or the other, but instead a confident sound that Webster is making more and more into her own with every new release.

The track is released today with a music video shot by cinematographer Matt Swinsky and Faye’s regular visual collaborator Eat Humans.

About the track Webster added:

I wrote this song kinda without knowing I was writing it. It’s a kind of free association, just thoughts running straight from my head onto paper untouched. I also think it’s best my band has ever sounded on record.

In celebration of the single’s release, Faye has announced a once-off ticketed Livestream on Noonchorus, playing live with her band for the first time in 2020. ‘Live From Chase Park Transduction’ will be captured in real-time from the studio where Faye has recorded all her music over the past few years. Tickets are available to buy here.

Enjoy the music video for “Better Distractions” below.