Your college admission essay is your ticket to future. Getting to write your perfect essay needs some work. You just need to know what to do first before you get to writing your admission essay. Follow next steps and you’ll be all set.

Understand Your Prompt

There are as many college admission essay examples as you might imagine. Googling “samples college admission essay” will, moreover, yield millions of results. This is not really quite helpful. Instead, you need to know what your admission essay is really about. That is, you need to read your essay prompt very carefully to write about your very personal experiences. Indeed, your college admission essay is a reflection of who you are. So, copying, or editing, some random essay for your application is hardly a genuine admission essay. That said, you can only have for inspiration a college admission essay sample. This should help you get started once you’re done reading and understanding your essay prompt. Ultimately, you’re answering specific questions your college admission panel is asking. Failing to do so is a sure way to get your application rejected. There are so many ways you can read your essay prompt carefully and get prepared. Of all professional services around, PerfectEssay is the best option. Take a look and have a peace of mind having professionals help prepare, or write, your college admission essay.



Now that you’ve read your essay prompt very carefully, so what? Typically, looking for a college admission essay topic is common. Indeed, applicants always struggle finding a topic or an angle to write an admission essay. There are so many – so many really – events and stories applicants could choose from. This is, of course, a dilemma every applicant faces. More, a very common question is usually asked: “Of all things past, present and future in my life, what should

I write about?” In admission essays, just as in all essays, brainstorming is key. Specifically, you need at first to put down on paper as many ideas you can before you go ahead in writing. That is, you write down events, stories and ideas you’ve in past, present and future as part of brainstorming process. This ensure you’ve as wide angle as possible about who you are along a continuum. In so doing, you can identify an interesting pattern you can pick up as your single most important angle. Indeed, admission essays should be as much focused as possible. The reason is, college admission panels read so many essays. So, in order for your essay to stand out, you need to be super focused – and interesting. This requires having a wide view of yourself, narrowing down such view and, ultimately, choosing one single topic to write about. This applies to any admission essay, including graduate school admission essay such as MBA admission essay. So, make sure you do your barnstorming first before you have a go writing your ticket for future.

Don’t Focus on Your Past Only

This is very important to note. Typically, most applicants list as many past experiences during brainstorming process. The final essay becomes, in so doing, a product of past experiences – almost excluding present and future experiences. There is now an important remark to make about storytelling in an admission essay. Telling a story, many applicants believe, is about going back in memory and listing as many events as possible. This is at best a hugely mistaken idea about storytelling. Instead, storytelling is actually an imaginative way to recount events, past, present and/or future, to present a case of your self. In an admission essay, you want your reviewers to know who you are – at your best. You should avoid focusing exclusively on your past and make every effort to consider yourself across different timelines. That’s why, you should not consider your admission essay format as a mere sequence of events. Instead, you should be as engaging – and insightful – as possibly be. To combine your past, present and future experiences, try, an excellent college admission essay service.

Create An Outline

This is where structure comes in. Having established your topic and angel, you need to give form to your essay. That is, your narrowed down ideas and topic should be in an outline form you follow in your writing process. The importance of an outline in your essay cannot be overemphasized. If anything, an outline is a clear structure you easily follow to write down your essay in a straightforward way. In so doing, you ensure your writing flows and doesn’t include any gaps in ideas. In creating your outline, include an introduction, a thesis statement, topic sentence for each main idea and a conclusion.

Write Your Essay

This is writing time now. Creating your outline is only a step closer to writing your essay. So, roll up your sleeves (if you’re wearing a shirt) and get down to writing. The document you’ve just created, or paper you have on your desk, is just so blank white. This shouldn’t be a worry at all. You’ve your outline already. So, simply follow your outline and your essay will flow. Also mind that you should be creative in your writing.

Having an outline doesn’t mean you

just list sentences as in a checklist. You’re writing a persuasive and personal essay to your college admission panel. More, creativity is always appreciated, particularly in admission essays. As mentioned, your review panel read so many essays so yours should stand out as original and creative.

Don’t Summarize

This is a small yet great tip many applicants miss. Usually, applicants use verbiage and unnecessary wording. This isn’t not only ineffective yet also boring. Instead, show, not tell. That’s, use clear yet suggestive language emphasizing your main point. That way, you are both succinct and creative. Essay Writing Service, a professional admission essay writing service, can provide a great help.


This is again something many applicants forget or simply skip. So, don’t forget to carefully edit and proofread your completed essay. This is super important. Failing to do so may waste all your hard work. The proofreading process should smooth out any typos and grammatical or mechanics mistakes. In short, make your essay shine, free of mistakes and a joy to read. Ultimately, your admission essay should be an enjoyable and memorable experience for your reviewers.

Your college admission essay is your ticket for future. Make sure you are focused, organized and creative. The admission essay writing process is easy to follow yet needs more practice. So, practice writing as much as you can so you wow your reviewers in a most memorable and enjoyable way.

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