Shihori is an artist that should serve as an inspiration to all. Born in Japan with natural hearing loss in the left ear and perfect pitch in the right ear, she also overcame being kidnapped. Yet she has pushed forward in her own way, making a successful career for herself in the J-pop industry for the past decade.

She’s since relocated here in New York and has released a pair of new singles with all of the proceeds from Bandcamp will benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation who help victims of sexual abuse, DV, and child abuse.

“Perfect Imperfection” is the a-side of the release and it features a moving and sincere emotional performance from Shihori that lands in a moving dramatic fashion that feels every bit as empowering as you imagine.

Here’s a personal statement about the song from Shihori, followed by a stream of the track.

“(My) half-silent world got me into extreme concentration; I lived in my own imagination world. I didn’t hear anything, just created…people thought I was ignoring them many times but I just didn’t hear anything from my left side and my other ear was only for my imagination. I never hated my hearing in my life, because I love the sound of silence on my left side which always helps my creation. I have rather considered my deafness as a “gift”, and the other ear is a “gift” as well because my right ear has a perfect pitch by nature.”

If you can find the funds, you can support her and the foundation by buying the song from Bandcamp.

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