FEZ – “Repetition”

By Will Oliver, April 6th 2020 Listen Music Video Stream Video

Meet FEZ, a fresh band from London who just dropped a great music video for their spectacular debut single “Repetition.”

The track channels a lot of classic rock of the 80s, with plenty of groovy psych influence and delicate synth work that blends perfectly with the guitar rock influences sprinkled throughout.

Not only that, but the song gets a spectacular music video treatment which showcases some creative ways to show the band playing throughout different rooms in a house. The video was directed by Ed Miles and shot by Nich Kelleher.

Find a description of the track form the band below, along with the music video.

We wrote Repetition a few years ago now – the lyrics focus on nihilism and idea of the comfort that comes from accepting the insignificance of our the stresses on our lives. There are so many external pressures telling us how we can only gain self-worth from out-achieving others in status and wealth. Hopefully by taking that step back and acknowledging that the majority of our actions won’t really have any significance in the scale of human history can help alleviate this stress. Musically the song is really influenced by the ‘Big Band’ genre and Buddy Rich. Typically these songs are made up of a few verses followed by repeating solos. We’ve got some seriously talented players in the band so we wanted to use this style in the song to give everyone the limelight and show the listener what they’re capable of.

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