Ludvig Moon – “Osterdalen”

By Will Oliver, March 22nd 2020 Indie Listen New Stream

Ludvig Moon are a Norwegian band that caught our attention last month with their track “Heaving For Oxygen.”

They’ve returned with its follow-up the more electronica-leaning “Østerdalen.” The track is a slight departure from what the band has previously released, taking a bright-sunny approach, creating a lavish and dreamy sound that blends the lines between electronic and rock music rather seamlessly.

Enjoy a stream of the track below, along with a quote about its creation from the band themselves:

The song was created during a car trip to a gig in northern Norway that didn’t go as planned. The car broke down and the band was stuck in the middle of nowhere for hours during the night and ended up losing a great amount of money being towed for miles and miles into the city. During these hours Ole wrote the music for Østerdalen and later Anders wrote the lyrics inspired by that disastrous night.

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