UK Avant Pop artist Zilla With Her Eyes Shut is preparing for the release of her self-titled new album Zilla With Her Eyes Shut, which is due out on March 13th via Accidental Records.

The track, which was released today, showcases the ability of the classically trained pianist turned “pop surrealist,” who creates an unusual but seductive pop quality that certainly stands tall above the rest of the crowded field. The colorful track is described as follows:

“twisted fairytale of a little girl and her imaginary friend who talks to her when she plays the piano as well as during the night. The friend dares to tackle subjects that the little girl is scared to talk about, revealing deep anger towards her father and drawing plans to kill him his sleep.

Well produced and very much a unique sounding take on the genre, “Whisper Whisper” is the sort of genre-pushing pop that we need more of.

Find “Whisper Whisper” streaming below.

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