Silverbacks – “Drool”

By Will Oliver, February 11th 2020 Indie Listen New Stream

Dublin-based five-piece Silverbacks are building some hype leading up to the release of their debut album, which can be expected later this year.

They’ve recently returned with their new track “Drool,” which put together some mesmerizing guitar licks that capture some of that 90s-esque indie rock power. There’s a bit of a slacker vibe which is carried home confidently by some easy-going but effective vocals that go from almost spoken word to something more infectious.

Singer Kilian O’Kelly goes on to provide some insight into the song’s lyrics:

Drool tells the story of a good family man who unfortunately suffers from poor health and his resulting demons. The lyrics voice the man’s concern about whether or not his medication is making him feel better or worse. ‘Can’t you see, it does exactly what is says on the box’ is a line that can apply to almost anything, the amount of trust we put into our systems and that they’re there for our own good. Empty bottles, empty stomachs and wedding fights paint a worrisome picture but the outro concludes that the song’s hero will continue to try his best.”

“Drool” is available to stream below.

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