Article + Photos by Bryan Lasky

Last night Phish opened their very short fall tour that will last 10 days but see the band play 7 shows and a special show for SiriusXM. They opened with a bang blasting into “First Tube” that had Trey holding his guitar high up in the air. A bust out of “Bye Bye Foot” for the first time since 1997 and the debut of Page McConnell’s “Maybe” from Vida Blue were the special selections from the band. Closing out set one with a very fun romp through Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” kept the Thanksgiving run tradition of celebrating the late guitarist’s birthday.

Set two while a little disjointed pace-wise, saw the band go in and out of “Plasma” a few times and a great jam in “Birds of a Feather”. The band launched into “Simple” and had the crowd singing along loudly with the band, the song quickly morphed into “Set Your Soul Free” and the jam out of that was one of the high points of the set. The band punctuated the set with The James Gang’s “Walk Away”. A rare four-song encore capped the night and sent the crowd home happy as they looked forward to night two.

Phish setlist:

[Set 1:]
1. First Tube
2. The Final Hurrah
4. Steam
5. Scent of a Mule
6. Bye Bye Foot @Info[first time live since 1997]
7. No Men in No Man’s Land
8. Gumbo
9. My Soul (Clifton Chenier cover)
10. Maybe (Vida Blue cover)
11. Sand
12. Fire (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)

[Set 2:]
13. 46 Days
14. Back on the Train
15. Plasma (Trey Anastasio song)
16. Farmhouse
17. Light
18. Birds of a Feather
19. Joy
20. Simple
21. Set Your Soul Free (Trey Anastasio song)
22. Walk Away (James Gang cover)


23. Meatstick
24. Sleep
25. Driver
26. Bug


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