LA-via-New Jersey singer/songwriter Adam Melchor has returned with his brand new single “I Choose You,” which arrives along with a brand new 25-date US tour that he will embark on with dodie.

Melchor has persistently won us over with his songwriting talent but not quite as much so as on his latest single “I Choose You.” While the folk songwriting fingerprints of his earlier work are all over the track, Melchor’s songwriting shines in a new way here with an even more confident approach that shines through with an ear-worm of a chorus that is unshakable.

Find the infectious “I Choose You” posted below along with a little bit about “I Choose You” from Melchor himself posted ahead of the stream.

Someone once asked me, ‘if you got stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take?’ Any rational person would probably reply with supplies, or fresh water, or maybe even a never-ending supply of Trader Joe’s microwavable meals with a working microwave.

In this song, the only thing I would bring is you. That’s right. You’re coming with. And we are certainly gonna crush it. I wrote this song to detail how much you mean to me.

Out of billions of people who walk the earth, for some lucky few, there is a person out there that is the one; the love of your life; the Neo to your matrix. This song is about the feeling of realizing that and simultaneously forgetting everyone else exists. A tunnel vision of love that almost makes you manic.

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