The ever-prolific Ty Segall returned this year with his latest album First Taste, which was released via Drag City Records. As he did in Los Angeles Ty brought himself and his Freedom Band to New York for a series of shows where he played the new album in its entirely, along with one of his older fan favorite records. A bit of one for me, one for you, if you will.

On October 2nd he performed at Bowery Ballroom for a show that was moved from Warsaw, and saw him performing his 2010 album Melted following his new record. This was our first time catching Ty since his acoustic show at Warsaw last year and it was as different a show as possible.

Ty and The Freedom Band brought the slightly more experimental and left of center sonic territory which saw Ty create an off-beat version of his garage rock sound without using guitars. Him and his band, which included usual members Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly and Ben Boye, also featured Shannon Lay to help bring the sounds to life draped in some vicious red lighting. For many of the songs Ty took to the drumkit to add another layer of sound to the new material.

From there the band shifted gears into a more traditional “old school Ty set” as they turned back to clock and ripped through the songs of First Taste. While the crowd was certainly moving before, there was an immediate shift in the air during the second set which saw a feverish level of moshing and crowdsurfers emerge from the dust and the band fed off it as they ran through not only the album but a handful of additional songs such as “Fanny Dog” and “she” from Freedom’s Goblin and “The Hand” off of Manipulator.

Find a full gallery of photos from Ty’s performance, along with the setlist, and shots of White Fence, who opened the show. You can also find an entire recording of Ty’s set posted by our friends NYCTaper.

White Fence:

Ty Segall:

Ty Segall setlist:

1. Taste
2. Whatever
3. Ice Plant
4. The Fall
5. I Worship the Dog
6. The Arms
7. When I Met My Parents Pt. 1
8. I Sing Them
9. When I Met My Parents Pt. 3
10. Radio
11. Self Esteem
12. Lone Cowboys
13. Finger
14. Caesar
15. Girlfriend
16. Sad Fuzz
17. Melted
18. Mike D’s Coke
19. Imaginary Person
20. My Sunshine
21. Bees
22. Mrs.
23. Alone
24. Fanny Dog
25. The Hand
26. She


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