Photos by Qbertplaya

Last weekend saw Deerhoof return to Bowery Ballroom on April 28th for a headlining performance, along with opening performances from CUP (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline of Wilco) and Blank Spell. This was our first time seeing them since their performance at The Bell House back in 2017.

Our photographer Qbertplaya was there to capture photos from all three performances. Find all of her shots posted in the photo gallery below, along with Deerhoof’s setlist.

Blank Spell:



Deerhoof setlist:

1. Paradise Girls
2. I Will Spite Survive
3. Fresh Born
4. Mountain Moves
5. Exit Only
6. Breakup Songs
7. Chandelier Searchlight
8. Twin Killers
9. Flower (Apple O version)
10. Offend Maggie (instrumental version)
11. Polly Bee
12. Bad Kids to the Front
13. The Galaxist
14. Choco Fight
15. Believe E.S.P.
16. There’s That Grin
17. Come Down Here and Say That
18. Con Sordino
19. We Do Parties


20. Mirror Monster
21. The Perfect Me

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