Photos by Matt Esposito

Last year saw Michael Benjamin Lerner return with new Telekinesis album Effluxion, released via Merge Records. He’s currently on tour in support of the record, and dropped in to Brooklyn on April 16th for a performance at Rough Trade NYC, along with supporting acts SONTALK and The Royal Arctic Institute.

Our photographer Matt Esposito was there to capture photos from all three performances, all of which can be found in the photo gallery below along with the setlist.

The Royal Arctic Institute:




Telekinesis setlist:

1. Effluxion
2. Cut the Quick
3. A Place in the Sun
4. Courtesy Phone
5. Wires
6. Please Ask for Help
7. 50 Ways
8. Like Nothing
9. Suburban Streetlight Drunk
10. Running Like a River
11. Set a Course
12. I Cannot Love You
13. *
14. Power Lines
15. Coast of Carolina
16. Tokyo

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