All photos by Matthew Esposito

It’s hard to believe that Ra Ra Riot’s debut album The Rhumb Line came out 10 years ago. I still rememvber playing it non-stop upon its release when I was a freshman at Binghamton and it’s scary how much time has flown on by since then. The band have released a special reissue of the album in celebration of its 10th anniversary and this also brought them to Brooklyn on August 17 was a performance at Elsewhere where they were set to play the album in its entirety – along with a few other favorites and new songs as well.

Our photographer Matthew Esposito was there to capture photos from their performance, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below.

Ra Ra Riot setlist:

1. Beta Love
2. Bad Times
3. Every Time I’m Ready to Hug
4. Ghost Under Rocks
5. Each Year
6. St. Peter’s Day Festival
7. Winter ’05
8. Dying Is Fine
9. Can You Tell
10. Too Too Too Fast
11. Oh, La
12. Suspended in Gaffa (Kate Bush cover)
13. Run My Mouth
14. Dance With Me
15. New Song [All This Time?]
16. Bouncy Castle
17. Valerie (Steve Winwood cover)
18. New Song [Daniel?]
19. Boy
20. Water


21. I Need Your Light

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