Buffalo trio The Tins returned this year with their new self-titled album and it’s their strongest work to date. We’ve been following the guys for many years on this blog and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see their evolution with each and every release.

They were on tour in support of the record this month and this included a stop into New York City for a performance at Mercury Lounge. As long as I’ve known them the band has just been a three-piece featuring Adam Putzer (guitar and vocals), Mike Santillo (keyboard and vocals) and Dave Muntner (drums and vocals). But for this tour they stretched out to become a quartet, adding Justin John Smith on bass. This addition helped flesh out their sound nicely and gave them a completely new dimension live that only enhanced the show for us.

They gave us a bunch of new offers from the new record and dug deep to give us some old favorites such as “The Green Room,” the very song that got my attention when I caught them at Binghamton University many years ago. It was a nice throwback and awesome to see that they have forged both their past and the future in what ended up being an incredibly tight performance.

Find a full set of photos from their performance as well as a few behind the scenes portraits prior to their set posted in the gallery below.

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