All photos by Qbertplaya

After disappearing for half of the decade, John Maus has returned to us in full force, releasing new album Screen Memories last October and returning again with new album Addendum only a few months later on April 20, both via Ribbon Music.

This has also resulted in plenty of live shows in New York City, including Baby’s All Right last August and then Elsewhere this February.

He kept the momentum going strong with another area performance on May 4, this time at Denos Wonder Wheel Park on Coney Island as a part of the 2018 Red Bull Music Festival. The show also featured a whole selection of artists opening the performance (Geneva Jacuzzi, Superstar and Star, Gary War and Marashino) as well as one that followed Maus’ set (Tommy Wight III).

Find shots from all the performances posted in the gallery below, all taken by Qbertplaya.

Coney Island:


Gary War:

Superstar and Star:

Geneva Jacuzzi:

John Maus:

Tommy Wight III

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