All photos by Dutch Doscher

Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) released his fifth solo record To The Bone last August and has been touring hard in support of the record. This included a pair of shows at the Playstation Theater on both April 28 and 29.

Our photographer Dutch Doscher was there to capture shots from the performance, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below, along with

Steven Wilson Setlist:

1. Intro (“Truth” short film) @Tape

[Set 1:]

1. To the Bone
2. Pariah
3. Home Invasion
4. Regret #9
5. Routine
6. Hand Cannot Erase
7. Ancestral
8. Happy Returns
9. Ascendant Here On…

[Set 2:]

10. People Who Eat Darkness
11. Don’t Hate Me (Porcupine Tree song)
12. Permanating
13. Song of I
14. Refuge
15. Vermillioncore
16. Sleep Together (Porcupine Tree song)


17. Blackfield (Blackfield song)
18. Postcard
19. The Sound of Muzak (Porcupine Tree song)
20. Song of Unborn

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