All photos by Nick Karp

North Carolina’s Rainbow Kitten Surprise have found some big time mainstream success with the release of their third album How To: Friend, Love, Freefall their first release for major Elektra Records.

On April 11 they brought the tour to Brooklyn for a sold out performance at Brooklyn Steel. Our photographer Nick Karp was there to capture shots from their performance all of which you can find posted in the gallery below along with the setlist.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Setlist:

1. It’s Called: Freefall
2. Devil Like Me
3. Matchbox
4. When It Lands
5. Painkillers
6. Recktify
7. Cocaine Jesus
8. Seven
9. Moody Orange
10. Lady Lie
11. Holy War
12. No Vacancy
13. Hide
14. Fever Pitch
15. That’s My Shit


16. Possum Queen
17. Polite Company
18. Run

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