All photos by Qbertplaya

WHY? returned last year with their new album Moh Lhean, which was released via Joyful Noise Recordings.

They brought their 2018 tour in support of the album to Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 5. The show also featured an opening performance from Open Mike Eagle.

Our photographer Qbertplaya was there to capture photos from both sets, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below, along with WHY?’s setlist.

Open Mike Eagle:


WHY? Setlist:

1. Bad Entropy
2. Brook & Waxing
3. Crushed Bones
4. This Ole King
5. Proactive Evolution
6. These Few Presidents
7. Waterlines
8. Song of the Sad Assassin
9. Gnashville
10. January Twenty Something
11. Easy
12. One Mississippi
13. The Hollows
14. Pick Fights / Deceived
15. By Torpedo or Crohn’s
16. The Vowels, Part 2


17. Yo Yo Bye Bye
18. Rubber Traits
19. Fatalist Palmistry

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