All photos by Dave Scholten

New York trio Sunflower Bean recently released their great new single “I Was A Fool” earlier this year, which will appear on their sophomore album which will come out sometime in early 2018.

Ahead of the release, they stopped in for a performance at new Brooklyn venue Elsewhere on November 30. They shared some new songs off the record, along with the expected cuts from their debut album and other singles.

Our photographer Dave Scholten was there to capture photos of both Sunfower Bean and Beverly, who opened the show. Find his photos posted in the gallery below, along with Sunflower Bean’s setlist.


Sunflower Bean:

Sunflower Bean Setlist:

1. Burn It
2. Come On
3. Capo (22)
4. 2013
5. Glam Jam (Crisis Fest)
6. Somebody Call a Doctor
7. Human Ceremony
8. Easier Said
9, I Was a Fool
10. I Was Home
11. I Want You to Give Me Enough Time
12. Wall Watcher

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