Every once in a while there are musicians that emerge onto the scene and cement themselves as pivotal members of the industry, constantly creating an endless amount of amazing content. To not include Kamasi Washington in any of those categories would be criminal, as he is not only one of the most innovative musicians in music right now, but also one of the most sought after in terms of collaborations.

Most recently we’ve seen him on tracks from Run The Jewels and Kendrick Lamar, but he released an EP this past September entitled Harmony Of Difference that has some of his best material to date (not to mention some of the years best, too). Following the release of the EP, Washington took the show on the road to Terminal 5 on November 22 and brought along some surprises as well.

Kicking the night off was duo Break Science who featured a special guest on trumpet to help fill out their already impressive sound even more. The trio (normally a duo) was the perfect fit to open up the night, seamlessly blending genres of jazz, hip-hop, and rock, using a live drum kit to help bring an amazing balance to the electronic elements of Adam Deitch’s playing, as well as the organic sounding elements of the drums and trumpet. Finding a balance like this is tough but Break Science figured out the secret formula to make it fun, interesting and new.

Shortly after the opening set from Break Science, the lights dimmed and each member of Washington’s band emerged before the man himself took center stage.  The band began to break out into “Re Run” from Washington’s 2015 stunner, The Epic and from there on out we knew we were in for an absolute treat.

The one thing that was truly amazing to see was that every single member of the band had time to shine on their own, instead of Washington stealing all the spotlight. Each member had an extended solo or moment to jam on their own, while everyone else took a back seat. One of the highlights of this was keyboard wizard extraordinaire Brandon Coleman broke out a solo jam that was so powerful, it nearly knocked me back within the photo pit. It was pure raw power and emotion and demanded your attention in the best way possible. What’s even more amazing is that this happened with every member after him, with each solo being just as impactful as the last.

Throughout the night we were also treated to some downright phenomenal special guests. When the band kicked into their second song in their set “Magnificent 7,” Washington brought out his father, which brought thunderous applause from the crowd. And just when we thought that was special, during the fourth song in the set, “LeRoy and Lanisha,” not only did Robert Randolph emerge from backstage… but John Medeski as well. It was one of those live music collaborations you don’t get to see very often, and when it happens, you just let it all soak in as much as possible.

Throughout the entire night, we were blown away left and right, proving just how powerful and influential Washington has been, and is becoming, to the music world (both as a studio musician and solo artist). We are truly blessed to have someone like Washington be in the industry today as people like this don’t come around too often.  If Washington ever rolls through your neighborhood for a show of any size, I’d recommend running… not walking to catch his show, as you won’t be sorry at all.

Find more photos of Break Science as well as more photos of Kamasi + setlist below:

Kamasi Washington Setlist:

1. Re Run
2. Magnificent 7
3. Black Man
4. LeRoy and Lanisha (with Robert Randolph & John Medeski)
5. Humility
6. Truth
7. The Rhythm Changes

Break Science:

Kamasi Washington:

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